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We're seeking authors for new titles.

We believe publishing should be about providing students with highly relevant, cost-effective materials. We believe that fresh, topical anthologies and original works are simply better for students and teachers alike. If you agree, join our group of authors and create an exceptional anthology or book of your own.

Why Cognella?

We listen to our professors, and they've told us they want less bureaucracy, more flexibility, faster production times, and more control over the publishing process. Our philosophy is to meet all those needs and more. Read more about Our Approach.

Why You?

If you are no longer satisfied with traditional one-size-fits-all textbooks, have a unique approach to your class, and want to share that vision with colleagues nationwide, you could be a great fit.

Why Now?

In today's economy, professors are looking for the most effective and efficient way to educate their students. Students need affordable, relevant materials, and educators are eager to try alternatives to bloated, outdated, expensive textbooks.

We want to hear about your publishing ideas.

If you've ever imagined that your concepts might be useful to other professors teaching the same course, now is the time. Our acquisitions editors are eager to speak with you about your course needs and publishing goals. Contact Us for more information or complete the Author Form, and we'll be in touch with you soon.

Recent Publications:

Anatomy of Mass Media

by Dianah Wynter

A new anthology for the under- graduate Introduction to Mass Communication course. The book covers all mass media, from print media, to electronic media and digital media.

A Historical Perspective of African Americans

by Bridget R. Cooks

This book is a critical work of scholarship for students and any reader interested in understanding the crucial journey of survival and persistence of the African American people.