Meet Our Authors

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For scholars who work in the field of nineteenth-century literature, and who teach obscure or out-of-print texts, Cognella provides an invaluable service. Now, in a relatively short period of time and with little hassle, we have the opportunity to reintroduce newly annotated editions of lost or neglected works of literature into the literary and intellectual marketplace, to rescue these works from obsolescence. A publication process that would typically take years took mere months.

Matthew Kaiser

Associate Professor of English at Harvard University

Editor of five Cognella titles, including Crime and Horror in Victorian Literature

Cognella gave me a privileged opportunity to document material that had been the focus of my teaching for many years. In the near future, I look forward to expanding the initial edition and anticipate once again working with the remarkable staff at Cognella. Their patience, generosity and attention to detail promoted the completion of Politically Incorrect.

Gina Strumwasser

California State University, Fresno

Editor of two Cognella titles, including Politically Incorrect

I really do feel like I have an established bond with the team of individuals whom I work with at Cognella. I have never heard of such personable, warm, and friendly people in academic publishing! From my very first telephone conversation with Cognella, I have only encountered positive feedback, friendly advice, very genuine concern, and heartfelt wishes to continue in my success as an author. I have been with Cognella since April of 2010, and I don't plan on moving anytime soon!

Dr. Alphonso Simpson, Jr.

Western Illinois University

Editor of two Cognella titles, including Mother to Son

I'm quite happy that I chose to work with Cognella. The team members at Cognella were incredibly supportive throughout the editing and publication process. They listened carefully to my needs, offered actionable recommendations, and motivated me to produce a top-notch product. It really was a joy to work with such a knowledgeable and talented team! I am grateful to Cognella for helping me transform an exciting idea into a finished book.

Steven D. Cohen

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Author of three Cognella titles, including Public Speaking: The Path to Success